What are the Different Types of UTVs and their Uses?

Today is the age of automobile advancement. Every year manufacturers launch new models of motorcycles, cars, ATVs, and SXS.  And each version they make is a product of innovation and creative minds. In a short span, vehicles evolved and multiplied at an impressive rate that the industry has never seen before.

This year the automobile hype circles on Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV, also known as side-by-side or SXS). This vehicle is an upgrade to last year’s ATVs. Though ATVs are still in demand, however, UTVs are winning the center stage. Many people have switched to UTVs due to its performance, versatility, and safety. It can do more than just a recreational ride. A side-by-side offers efficiency and optimizes productivity. This characteristic of SXS is the reason why it became popular with farmers, landscapers, and industrial workers.

If you want to invest in a UTV, know that this vehicle comes in various types. There are three distinct categories of side-by-side.  Each type of UTV is designed for a particular purpose and function. Below is a detailed guideline about the various categories of SXS.

Different Types of UTV

#1 Utility Model

You probably first seen a UTV on a farm or from a landscaper you hired.

The first UTVs were solely made for work. Its purpose is to support people in towing and transporting supplies and equipment. Hence, utility UTVs feature higher payload and hauling capacities.

Notice that utility UTVs can haul and load all sorts of supplies. It has a large cargo space that is enough to carry heavy loads. Moreover, it can accommodate all sorts of additional equipment. For example, you can hitch a snow plow for UTV to remove snow. Likewise, you can attach other tools like mowers at the rear.

In a nutshell, utility SXS is ideal for agricultural work and similar industries.

#2 Sport/Performance UTV Models

This type of SXS is applicable for outdoor pursuits such as trail-riding and hunting.  It has the perfect size for maneuvering tough terrains and tight-twisting tracks. Moreover, sport or performance UTVs has more power and speed. It also features a higher clearance compared to utility vehicles so it can take on various trail obstacles.

Sport side-by-side vehicles feature more safety accessories, such as windshields, roofs, lights, roll-cage, and customary seatbelts.  The additional safety feature of the vehicle aims to assure the security and protection of its passengers. Likewise, it reduces the risk of accident and grave injuries

#3 Recreation and Family UTV Models

This type of SXS has similar features to a sports and performance UTV model. It has fantastic safety features to guarantee the security of the family. Moreover, it has enough passenger seating for the whole gang.

Recreation and family UTVs are more stable. Though it is less powerful than a trail-riding UTV model, however, it can provide an adrenaline-pumping ride that the whole family could enjoy.

Which among the UTV models do you prefer?

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