Understanding Why Ears Need Protection

The increasing numbers of people having hearing problems are very alarming. In fact, out of 10 Americans, one of them has a problem understanding normal speech due to hearing issues. The hearing problem can be age-related but other precipitating factors include noise exposure. Do you know that excessive noise exposure can be damaging to your eardrums? And the thing is; you could have done something about it; before the hearing problem happened since such can be preventable.

Cause of Hearing Loss

Anatomically, we know that the ear is made of 3 parts namely; outer, middle and inner ear. The part that can be seen is obviously the outer ear. This serves as an opening to the ear canal. And the middle air was separated from the inner ear through the eardrum. This is the part where the vibrating sent to the ear is perceived as nerve impulses, allowing the ear to interpret the sound as music, voice, slamming of a door, a sound of a vehicle and others.

When too loud sounds are sent to the ear, however, destroy the inner ear’s nerve endings with prolonged exposure. As nerve endings deplete, your hearing ability will also reduce significantly. And sadly, the killed nerve endings can no longer be restored. Meaning, there will be a permanent hearing damage. Can you just imagine how your ears can suffer from the continuous damage of nerve endings every day? And guess what? The damage can even be worse if you are near the source of the sound. With so many people who just can’t let go of their earphone and headphone, this can be an issue that everyone has to ponder on.

However, let’s face it that majority of people loves listening to music and others can’t do away with loud noise because of the nature of their work. Hence, we can’t eliminate loud sounds completely. But how do we know if the sound is already damaging to the ear? Take note that each individual has different noise sensitivity. While some find the music to be at the right volume level, others feel this to be too loud. Noise can be hazardous if their source is within an arm-length from you. And if you find it hard to speak to another without shouting then this may mean that the noise in the background can be dangerously loud. When after exposure to a loud noise, you find it hard to hear a sound, your ear hurts or you sensed a ringing sound in your ears, this may mean that the noise you have heard is just too harmful.

When the loud sound can’t be prevented, might as well find ways to protect your ears instead. You can use hearing protectors like those found in doctear.com. Just read more here to know how to protect your ears. Earplugs are not only useful to loud music but are also helpful when using power tools, firearms, noisy yard equipment or riding a motorcycle.

Remember, you only have 2 ears in your whole lifetime and surely, life will never be the same without them so might as well take good care of them.