Treadmills versus Elliptical bikes

Now more than ever before, people from different walks of life and at all levels of fitness are committing to better health and well-being, thanks to the invention of home fitness equipment. The surging consciousness about health has led to a boom in the availability of fitness exercise machines. You will realize that the more convenient it is for you to access these equipment the more likely it is for you to continue taking part in a fitness program.

Do you also find yourself unable to get into a final decision in the battle of elliptical bikes versus treadmills? You should take a look at the Elliptigo 8c if you are searching for an equipment that has the most user friendly features. This article will take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of these home exercise equipment.

First of all, a good quality treadmill will offer you seamless benefits. You will get some jogging or walking exercises done no matter how good or bad the weather is like outdoors. It will also provide you with a challenging cardiovascular workout at the comfort of your home.

You can simply adjust the pace of the workouts to a level that suits your current fitness status. As your fitness level improves you can then increase the pace of your workouts. There are some models with features that will let you adjust the angle of incline during your workout exercises.

There are two types of motors used to power the treadmills. This includes the DC motor which is normally found in small treadmills and the AC motor that is found in the large commercial treadmills.

It is important to note that there are most of the top notch treadmills which are designed with heart rate monitors. A good treadmill might be just right for you if you desire to burn a few calories with some challenging cardiovascular workout exercises.

An elliptical bike will get your body involved in various kinds of cardio exercises. It has a back and forth motion of the pedals which will get your lower body and core involved in each workout that you do. A quality elliptical bike has been designed with awesome features such as computer generated workouts which will you can only get from top brands of treadmills.

You should also note that an elliptical bike will help you burn more calories per workout session than a treadmill. Research has shown that you can burn as much as twice the number of calories when using an elliptical bike that you would burn on a treadmill within a specific amount of time.

An elliptical bike is clearly a better choice for everyone except people that are unable to enjoy the full advantage of this equipment because of age or poor health. A treadmill will be the best choice for you if your age or health conditions limits you from using an elliptical bike.

Hopefully this article has helped you to highlight the differences between an elliptical bike workout and a treadmill workout. In the battle of elliptical bike versus treadmills, the final decision rests with you.