Top Blender Hacks that You Probably Did Not Know

Blenders have multi-purpose uses; however, that depends on the type and the brand of blender you are using. Whether you use it for protein shakes, healthy smoothies, or for general cooking, having one at home makes your cooking easier and faster.

But to make it more even convenient, here are blender hacks that you probably did not know:

1. Keeping your blender quiet

One of the major problems of blenders is the issue of vibrations. While it may sound amplified for the others, the sound can be very annoying at some point. To stop the bothersome sound, try to place a mat made of silicone under the base of your blender. By putting a cushion, it’ll mute the sound created from the vibration; plus, this will save your time from cleaning your countertop.

2. Keeping the blending consistency

Sometimes it is messy and inconvenient to blend food in volumes; here’s the trick, to blend volumes of food, try to blend it slow at first and then gradually increase the speed. Through this, you’ll have a more consistent blending result. Plus, it will keep the blade’s life longer.

3. Get the best result when blending in order

Did you know that you’ll get the best blending result if you do it in an orderly fashion? If you are planning to make a puree, here’s a tip on how you should blend the ingredients:

•    Start with liquids
•    Add thicker liquids such as yogurt and cream
•    Follow blending the soft food or fruits such as banana and mango
•    Follow in the hard food, fruits, or vegetables such as kiwi and apple
•    Lastly, add the ice in

4. When to use the “pulse” button

Have you ever wondered how to use the pulse button? Everyone does; most modern blenders are designed with the pulse button. This feature is designed to chop larger and hard food before you blending. This makes blending, easier and faster, especially on foods with such texture.

Moreover, did you know that by using the “pulse” button, it can help you remove food accumulation from the blades? Also, if you are unable to stop the blender, try hitting the “pulse” button three to four times; this will automatically put the blender on halt.

5. You can create ice-blender smoothies without needing some ice

Seem impossible, but smoothies can be produced without adding some ice in it. How? That is simple; freeze your fruits.

Freezing fruits effectively will produce much tastier and faster smoothies; all you need to do is adjust the amount of water to your smoothie recipe. Through this method, you are saving a lot of time in creating your everyday smoothies and help the blade to have a longer life.

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