Tips and Advice for New Boombox Owners

A vast majority of us love music and want it wherever we are. The rise of MP3 players over the years has provided us with the ability to fulfill our groovy desires whenever we want. But before iPods and various MP3’s there was the boombox.

While many opt for a tiny means of listening to their favorite tunes, there are still those who prefer a more vintage feel when listening to music. Maybe you are one of those who would prefer a boombox to an MP3, but you aren’t quite sure how to go about purchasing one. Well look no further, here’s the best boombox tips and advice for new boombox owners.

Consider Connection and Radio Options

Obviously, you want to have a few options in the way you listen to your music. If you didn’t know, one amazing thing about boomboxes these days is most are Bluetooth compatible. This gives you the ability to play music from your computer, your phone or even your tablet. This feature alone is super convenient and lets you really enjoy the music experience of your boombox.

But what if you’re in the mood for listening to the radio instead of your own playlist? You will want to learn about preset options for your radio in order to tune in to your favorite stations wherever you are. Ideal boomboxes will typically have both AM and FM stations. It will also be equipped with an antenna and controls. Also, be sure to check for a USB Port and an Audio Jack as these are other options for connecting your devices.

Decide on the Look and Design

We all have our own unique styles and tastes in things specific to what we like. You may not know it but boomboxes come in an array of designs, shapes and colors. This is perfect especially if you had something specific in mind.

There are modern, retro and novelty designs. However, if you’re looking for something a little more custom, there are kits for that too. No matter what size, shape or color there is a boombox that appeals to everyone’s needs.

Keep Battery Life and Equalizer Settings in Mind

A boombox with a good battery life is essential. You don’t want to make your purchase and customize it to your needs, only to find 15 minutes into playing your favorite jams your battery is already drained. No. You need to ensure you choose a system with a battery that can handle the job no matter where you are. You can do this by looking into the battery life and checking to see how long it will last during a charge.

An equalizer is equally as important. Ensure you get as many preset options as possible, so you won’t have to bother repeatedly resetting them. You want to listen to your music hassle and interruption free, as best as possible. So, you want to make sure the appropriate settings are in place to do so.


Lastly, you want to make sure it’s durable and long lasting. You don’t want to waste your time or money buying a boombox that won’t see you through for a while. Ensure your boombox can withstand your travel and use with durable cases, as it should also be designed to do so. Some boomboxes also come with certain casings that you can place it in during or after use, for greater protection.


Once you understand the important features you must look for in a quality boombox, searching for one immediately becomes less of a challenge. For more information on finding the boombox that fits your needs, checkout this link.