TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY Sandal Review: Features You Should Check Out

Are you done with hiking shoes? Well, you could try some reliable and durable hiking sandals, especially when you are hiking during the summer. 

The TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY Sandal is an interesting pair of hiking sandals that lets you hike and do camping trips comfortably, even at a rough and tough terrain or hiking route. If you are looking for reliable footwear for hiking as an alternative for hiking shoes, you should check TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY and find out if it fits your taste.

Here are its interesting features that you should check out and by that you can see why the TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY sandal is worth it:

#1: Made from high-quality materials

The TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY Sandal is made from high-quality materials – manufactured from 93 percent synthetic and 7 percent textile materials – durable and comfortable enough to provide you easy trips to rough and tough trails. Also, the sandal is sturdy enough that can handle trips that need to cross rivers and wet trails.

#2: Quality construction

Unlike the other hiking sandals, the TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY sandal is a well-designed hiking sandal that features cushioned insoles and great rubber soles. It gives you a comfortable and less stressful hiking and mountaineering experience. Also, with its secured construction, there is less to no slips during hiking, especially on wet terrain or trail.

The TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY sandal is designed with a bungee lacing system that provides adjust-to-fit capabilities, keeping your feet well-secured. Also, it is designed with Velcro Closure System that keeps your ankles secured.

Another feature to point out is the sandal’s encapsulated shock pad heel; this feature helps absorb shock for every step, especially when trailing a long and rough terrain. Plus, the encapsulated shock pad keeps your feet from getting muscle cramps due to long walk and difficult trail.

#3: Designed with anti-microbial protection

Another feature that TEVA boasts about TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY sandal is its anti-microbial protection that keeps bad bacteria from building up while hiking or mountaineering. Bad bacteria from sweat and other external factors can cause bad odor.

#4: Comfortable

The TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY sandal is manufactured with EVA midsole (ethylene vinyl acetate) – a material that helps breaks weight and provides stability. It is a foam-like material that is flexible, lightweight, and provides a comfortable cushion with every step.

#5: Classic but stylish

The TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY sandal is classically designed with a style that will match anyone’s taste; either use it for mountaineering or a day hike, the sandal will match your style.

Wrap Up

The TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY sandal is indeed worth to purchase – you can use it for mountaineering, hiking, or even some simple outdoor athletic activities. It is made from quality materials, well-designed and well-constructed, classic but stylish, manufactured with anti-microbial protection, and very comfortable.

So, if you are looking for a durable and well-constructed alternative for hiking shoes, you should consider TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY hiking sandal.

If you want a more detailed review, you may visit Trip to the Wild’s website.