Test Yourself About Bollywood

If you’re using the Internet for pleasure, chances are that you’re probably playing interactive games or chatting away with your friends. Such are good escapes from hectic lifestyles, but there are times that even these pastimes can get dull; in the sense that there’s little to provoke your thoughts. For this, people have made online quizzes. Quite easy to make and usually sorted into different topics to help one “gauge” his or her knowledge of topics, online quizzes are good in helping you maintain trivia knowledge and have fun while doing so.

One of these sites offering online quizzes covering a staggering range of topics is welovequizzes.com. We Love Quizzes features a lot of trivia information conveniently put into quizzes, and they have one pertaining to the rich Indian movie industry, Bollywood. A film industry larger than Hollywood in terms of number of movies made per year and the number of generated audiences, Bollywood has a quiz in We Love Quizzes that has interesting questions and answers on Bollywood movies.

The Quiz

As one might expect, there is so much that can be asked about in the Bollywood movies’ quiz. Featuring 34 questions about the Indian movie industry with corresponding answers, the quiz covers questions that include references to Bollywood’s early days; which ensures that getting a perfect score means that you’ll have to be either a die-hard Bollywood fan, or a Bollywood historian!

In case you call yourself a great fan of Bollywood movies who has gained mastery on information about them, your knowledge must include those pertaining to the movies’ effects outside the movie theater, such as in politics. For instance, you should have heard about the movie that was banned for being a political satire against then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay. Perhaps you should know the name of some of the actors in the internationally-acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire, or even some of the movies involving one of the most famous Bollywood personalities today, Aamir Khan.


As much as there is not really much that can be said about the website of We Love Quizzes, it can be noted that the questions in the topic, like all of the other quizzes in the site, are repeated; you can refresh the page a dozen times and it will still give you the same set of questions.

While there is no real problem with such feature, this does mean that the questions on the site have no real replay value; that is, it’s only good on your first time. Though it can be hard, it would be really appreciable if a quiz site like We Love Quizzes would have some sort of randomized questioning. This way, none of your quiz website visits, scores, and list of questions will ever be the same.

We Love Quizzes’ set of questions on Bollywood is well-made; and though the questions are fixed and not randomly generated, the number of questions on a topic so popular is a positive thing to look forward to in this quiz. Ready your memory upon playing; the questions are varied and contain a lot of relevant trivia!