How to Choose the Best Steam Iron for Your Home

So you’ve finally decided to switch to a steam iron. That’s all good. However, did you know that buying one isn’t as easy as it seems? Yes, choosing an iron is trivial. Still, there are quite a few details and features you need to look out for to ensure you’re getting a good quality steam iron.


Obviously, this great website about home appliances can give you the lowdown on the best steam irons available in the market today. They have reviewed plenty of steam irons to give readers a hand with their decision-making. Through the reviews, you’ll see what matters most when choosing the best steam iron, and here are some of those:


Sole Plate


A steam iron’s sole plate can either be made of aluminum or stainless steel and may be coated with palladium, ceramic, or titanium. Each type of coating has its own unique feature. For instance, palladium is known to be self-cleaning while ceramic offers a smooth glide. Titanium, on the other hand, provides a non-stick surface. It’s up to you to decide what type of coating you’d want for your steam iron. In addition, check to see how many steam holes the sole plate has, as well as the size and arrangement of these since all those will have a bearing on the quality of ironing.


Water Reservoir


The water tank of a modern steam iron could either hold 300ml or 425ml of water. Moreover, it could be filled with water the conventional way or through a tight, water fill-hole cover.


Anti-Drip Function


Choosing a steam iron with this feature is important since this ensures there wouldn’t be leakage of water on the clothes you’re ironing especially when the sole plate isn’t hot enough to evaporate water instantly. Ensuring the fabric stays dry while ironing is crucial since the presence of water could hinder the smooth glide of the iron, thereby damaging the fabric.


Quality of Steam


Most modern steam irons spews out 20-35g of steam per minute while more advanced models produce up to 50g per minute. The release of constant steam is important as it makes ironing with medium and high temperatures simpler and faster. In addition, steam burst should be around 100-150g per minute or a maximum of 200g per minute in more advanced models. You might also want to check if the iron has an adjustable steam gauge.


Temperature Control


You have three options when it comes to temperature control on a steam iron – push button, touch control with a display panel, or traditional thermostat controller. More advanced models boast of a system that automatically shuts down the iron when it’s not used for about eight to 15 minutes or if the sole plate is left down with no movement for 30 seconds. On the other hand, there are models that respond to the touch of your hand, as in an iron turns on only when the handle is touched and turns off as soon as you lift your hand from it.




An ideal weight for your steam iron is around one to 1.45kg. It doesn’t necessarily follow that if the iron is heavy; it makes for better ironing quality. Rather, the quality will depend on the wattage of the iron, how much steam it generates, and the features found on the sole plate.


These are just some of the features you need to go over when choosing the best steam iron. Reading reviews would likewise help you make wise decisions.