Reasons Why Running Is Still the Best Exercise

Many people go to the gym to improve their health and also be fitter. Some even join sports or other recreational activities that require a lot of physical movements. There are some people though who prefer yoga to get the benefits that exercising could give them. But, more people still choose to run because of the following reasons.

1st Reason: Running is convenient.

Unlike other ways of exercises, running does not require you a lot of equipment or gear just to be able to do it. You would only need your running shoes, shirt, and shorts. If you need to bring some gadgets, water bottle, or your wallet with you, you can just choose one of the best running belts to put everything you need. You won’t need to pay for expensive gear or equipment to run.

2nd Reason: You can do it anywhere.

The beauty about running is that it doesn’t choose a place. You can actually run around your neighborhood, at the park, or even run at the side of the road on your way home from work. Running does not require you to set up a designated area; you don’t need a gym or a court. Because you do not need heavy equipment, you can even run up and down your steps during rainy or snowy days. You can even use a treadmill indoors.

3rd Reason: Running gets you more vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a very important nutrient for growth and development of bones and muscles. It also improves our immune system and circulatory system. Unfortunately, more and more people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency because they are cooped up indoors most of the time. Running exposes you to the sun, which is the best and most available source of the vitamin, and lets you have the nutrient you need to stay healthier.

4th Reason: You can run any time.

Unlike going to a gym or a studio to workout, running does not have a closing time. You can go running even in the middle of the night if you choose to. There is no time restriction for this exercise. These days, many people tend to ignore their workout routine because most of the gyms are already closed when they get off from work. With running, you won’t have to worry about skipping exercises because of overtime.

5th Reason: Running is enjoyable.

Aside from the health benefits that running can give you, it could also provide you the luxury of having fun while doing it. You could choose to run in places where you could enjoy the view. You can also run with friends or your dog. You can join running clubs for you to meet people with the same interest and get more tips and advice from them. There are countless of running events that you could enjoy and socialize in. Marathons are becoming more and more about just having fun running with other people than just getting to the finish line first.