Choosing the Right DNA Ancestry Test

A DNA test or analysis, as the name implies, is a procedure by which a person’s DNA is analyzed or studied. Thus, the purpose is to determine the genetic makeup of the person. Such can be compared to another person’s or other people’s genetic makeup in order to determine the relationship between the two or with other individuals. That is the reason why DNA testing has been widely used in determining paternity relations. Likewise, it has also been used for solving certain crimes. As DNA testing continues to improve and grow, experts have developed the so-called ancestry DNA test.


As the name denotes, ancestry or ancestral DNA test is a procedure that is helpful in tracing a person’s bloodline, family tree, and ethnicity. In contrast to paternity DNA testing, the results of ancestry DNA test are available from six to eight weeks after the sample has been received by the DNA testing laboratory. Likewise, instead of comparing the DNAs of two individuals, the ancestral DNA test sample is compared to thousands of samples that are in the database of the testing laboratory. On another note, with the growing popularity and demand for ancestry DNA test, there are already a lot of DNA testing companies. With such in regard, people should look into different important considerations in order for them to choose the best DNA ancestry testing options.


One of the things that people should look into when choosing a DNA testing company is the sample collection method. Generally speaking, the specimen that can be used for DNA testing is blood, saliva, or cheek swab. Obviously, companies that require blood samples may not be a good idea for some people because such is quite invasive and they are required to travel to the laboratory. Thus, saliva and cheek swab will be the best options. Basically, in order to collect saliva, the person should spit in a spit-cup that can be bought from a pharmacy or the one provided by the company. On the other hand, the cheek swab can be done by using a swab provided by the company. According to some experts, the best option will be the cheek swab. Such is due to the fact that the method is very simple.


Another thing to consider when choosing an ancestry DNA testing company is the quality and size of the provider’s relationship matching database. Such is the one that is used by the company to compare the results of its client. Thus, if the database size is large enough, then, there is a higher possibility of tracing a person’s ancestral lineage. Likewise, it is also worth checking if the company has a database for ancestry admixture. Through such, clients can also determine their ethnicity percentages. In addition, it is also important to look into the company’s privacy policies, terms, and conditions. Some companies, with the client’s consent, will keep the person’s information as part of their database. Others give their clients the option to have their information deleted. Further, people should also determine if the company has complimentary offers like cousin matching.