Smart Ways on How to Choose the Top Shower Speakers this 2018

Did you know that singing in the shower is good for your health? According to various researches, singing and raising your voice while in the shower provides a myriad of health advantages, such as:

  • It helps reduce stress
  • Singing in an enclosed area helps you exercise your lungs
  • It helps lower blood pressure
  • It helps you strengthen your back and abdominal muscles
  • It helps release oxytocin and dopamine (happy hormones) in the body

So, if anyone tries to stop you from singing in the shower, just ignore them. Also, even if you are unable to hit those notes or half of your belting annoys them, just enjoy singing in the shower.

To have more fun, why not add music? 

However, the problem is, you do not want your phone to get wet nor your speakers get busted because of the splashing water from the shower. Fortunately, there are durable and reliable shower speakers that are sold in the market today, where you can also read more here.

But how should you choose the right shower speaker this 2018 if there are several varied types of its kind? Well, that is simple, because here are some smart ways on how to choose a reliable and durable shower speaker:

Tip #1: It should be waterproof

How waterproof is your target shower speaker?

Before you purchase your desired shower speaker, make sure to read some online reviews about its durability against water contact. Check if there are any complaints about inefficiency when it comes to waterproof.

Tip #2: It should have a powerful battery

If you love to sing every shower, make sure that the battery of your speaker can handle your music demands inside the bathroom. If you want a shower speaker that works well for eight to nine hours, you should look for one that is engineered with 400 to 500 mAh.

Tip #3: Must have a good Bluetooth connection

One of essential factor that you need to consider before buying shower speaker is its ability to connect to your phone or other devices using Bluetooth signal. Since you do not want your phone or other devices to get wet inside the shower, make sure that the speaker can connect to the player’s Bluetooth signal well.

For additional information, a regular speaker can connect 30 meters from its player. Therefore, look for a shower speaker that offers similar wider Bluetooth range.

Tip #4: It must have a good sound quality

If you want to enjoy your singing, make sure that you are getting a good sound quality from the speaker you are planning to purchase. In order to find out, check the specifics or ask the store manager to test the device’s sound quality.

Tip #5: It must be user-friendly

There are several shower speakers that offer several features but some of them are not user-friendly. If you want to enjoy every shower moments with music, look for a device that is easy to control or comes with remote control.

Lastly, the design and style shall depend on your decision; whatever you find comfortable to use, then purchase it, as long as it is durable, has great sound quality, can connect to Bluetooth effectively, and it is user-friendly.