Safety Measures When Using a Jump Starter

People have been having this negative ideology that using a jump starter or generally jump starting a car is not as safe as it looks. Well, though there might be a small truth in the huge paddle of mud, using a jump starter is actually considered safe in most situations. It is true that you can make a mess when hooking up the wires wrongly and cause hazardous effects to both you and the car.

When jump starting a car, there are two deadly dangers that can be witnessed; blowing up the battery or damaging the very delicate electrical system of the car. These situations can result from connecting the positive and negative cables together or shortening them out by touching the negative and positive leads together.

However, if the following safety measures are put into consideration, all will go just fine. When purchasing a jump starter, you might want to consider the GB40 for jumpstarting your car.

Ensure that you connect the positive jump box cable to the positively-charged terminal on the battery. Connecting it otherwise will cause a rise of sparks and probably destroy even the jump starter.

Just like the former, ensure the negative jump box cable is connected to the engine block or any other metallic non-painted component of the car.

Ensure that you place the jump box in a stable location in the engine block or, if possible, on the ground where it won’t fall, nor get detached nor interfere with the engine’s fan or pulley system.

After the engine has started running, ensure that you cautiously and carefully disconnect the negative jump box cable and fasten it to the jump box then carefully disconnect the positive jump box cable and secure it to the jump box. You must not do this the other way round to prevent being electrocuted.

Regardless of following the above safety tips when jump starting a car, there is still a possibility of the battery blowing up. Therefore, always ensure that the other end of the negative side of the cable is connected to a non-movable and non-painted side of the engine block far from the car battery.

The sole and major reason you should avoid connecting the negative end of the cable to the negative terminal is that it produces sparks. Sometimes reasons for failure of the battery are not known. The battery may have been destroyed due to overcharge. Such batteries usually have a high amount of flammable gases that may start leaking out and once in contact with a spark, an explosion occurs. If this happens, you may be showered with the acid or even burned. However, this is not common.

In other cases, the cables that come with the jump boxes are usually short that the situation forces you to connect both the negative and positive cable to the battery. If you purchased a jump box of this similar type, then it is vital to ensure that all the accessories in your car are off. This includes the radio and the lights. It is important also to ensure that the driver’s key is not in the ignition lock. Ensure you wear protective clothing and eye protection if possible.