Safe Ways To Store Medical Marijuana In Your Home

If you are using marijuana for either leisure or therapeutic purposes, you have probably thought of ways to make them last longer. There are safe ways that people use to store their cannabis and are very useful and not complicated. You can find online tutorials that will give you step by step information. The most appropriate way to store medical marijuana depends on the resources and conditions.

First of all, keep your medical marijuana away from unfavorable conditions like dampness, molds, sunlight which degrade its natural elements. If you want to keep your marijuana fresh, store it in a dark, cool and dry place. How you safely keep your marijuana requires a certain amount of patience, cleanliness, and routine. The most common signs of improperly stored pot are dry, crumbly, stiff grass that burns and smells like paper and reduces to fine ash quickly.

Use a Dark Air-tight Glass Container

Storing your marijuana using an opaque, airtight glass container is more of a traditional method. Store your pot in a glass container/jar in a cool, dark and dry place. Pick a jar that accommodates your buds fully, letting in only a small amount of air to dry out your cannabis. Never use plastic for extended storage because it exposes your marijuana to light, temperature and air degradations. Make sure the glass jar completely seals leaving zero fumes to leak out to keep your marijuana fresh. You can retain all the flavor, therapeutic plant-medicines and original moisture in your cannabis

Cannabis Humidor

Another safe method to store your marijuana is by use of a cannabis humidor which is a container usually made of mahogany to aid in maintaining adequate humidity. It is beneficial when you need to smell proof container for your marijuana. Too much humidity damage the quality of your bud. Among the many types of marijuana humidors, ensure you do not use the tobacco humidor because the cedar transfers odors and oils which are destructive to marijuana.

Label The Container

Another effective way is to label the different containers you have in your home. Not only will this protect any tampering of your bud, but also prevent any health cases. If you have kids in your household, they can be able to read the labels and no which jar is out of bounds. Ensure you inform your kids about the jar with your cannabis is only for medical purposes. For more safety, keep your jar away from visibility where your kids will not find it.

Boveda Packs

Buy Boveda packs which use water absorbent beads and salts to keep a specific humidity level in your bud. If you use these packs with a cannabis humidor, you get a more safe and effective way to store medical marijuana in your home. A Boveda pack absorbs moisture in the air when there are high humidity levels, and adds moisture when it is too low. Remember that marijuana from proper storage has a fantastic fragrance, cannabinoids, and resin. Also, the burning process is slow.