Minimalist Office Design: How to Design a Home Workspace for Two People

Are you looking for a design that would fit both you and your partner’s office table as close as possible to have an easy work interaction? Tossing around ideas about work or business while far apart from each other can be tough; so, to make it easier for you, below are some minimalist home office designs that both you and your partner will benefit – space and functionality wise.

  1. Back to back office arrangement

If you still need independence and have a spacious workstation but you still need to be minimalist, then you may choose to have a back to back home office arrangement. It has minimal interaction, but you can always easily scoot across to the other table with rolling chairs if you need something from your partner.

  1. Using T-shaped desk

If you are looking for a desk that is more collaborative, you may choose to have a T-shaped desk. This great desks for two people allow you to face each other across the table which is an advantage for couples who loves to enjoy each other’s company while doing their own work. Plus, it is less spacious and more convenient to consult your partner about business matters.

  1. Side by side interaction

This semi-independent home office design allows you to work on your own but gives you the freedom to have an easy conversation with your partner about work. Additionally, this is a perfect work desk for people who have smaller office space.

Additional thoughts

Smooth working relationship with your partner in one room is possible, however, you need to remember the following considerations if you to have a suave toss of ideas than tossing each other out.

  • You and your partner must decide for an appropriate space requirement, because there are some instances that both you and your partner will want some space, especially during critical work days.
  • Determine each comfortable side of the room. There are couples who have different preferences in lighting. For instance, one likes a brighter shade and the other one does not. So, choose your comfort zones wisely to avoid disturbing each other.
  • Make sure to have an individual storage, to avoid confusion. However, it would be best to place them side by side (for side by side home office design) to access something from your partner without worrying about disturbing each other.
  • Make sure to accept each difference. For instance, your partner wants a different chair and you have your own too, then it would be best to accommodate them rather than to object.
  • Decide where to put your home phone. While deciding on it, why not suggest it to be placed in between the table or far from both of your tables; considerably, a few distance to your table to avoid misunderstandings. Who said that working alone at home is fun? If you want to de-stress and be productive at the same time, why not choose to have one home office room with your partner?