Keeping it Clean: How to maintain your Miami Heat NBA Replica Championship Rings

Replica championship rings may look sparkly and original, but most of these are prone to metal rust.

If you are planning to complete your Miami Heat collectibles with replica NBA championship rings, you should also know how to maintain its original form for the next five to ten years; here are some tips on how to maintain and take care of your replica championship rings:

1. Taking care of the cubic zirconia crystals

The crystals are the ones that easy to get dirty since it is not hard, unlike the real diamonds. Plus, these crystals are easy to break off from the ring. So, if you want to keep the diamond-like crystals intact on the ring, clean them with polishing cream and tarnish remover; however, make sure to clean the crystals carefully and gently to avoid removal of one to two replica studs.

2. Keeping the replica from discoloration

Technically, replica championship rings are not designed to be worn; although some of these are made from quality materials or high-grade zinc alloy metal, there are still bigger chances that these rings would ding, stain, and rust. To preserve the metal; here are step-by-step ways to clean off the dirt without hurting the metal:

  • Never use acid, alcohol, ammonia, or vinegar when cleaning the metal or it’ll cost your ring to rust. Instead, soak the replica ring unto the warm water mixed with pH-balanced liquid soap.
  • Do not brush the ring just to remove the dirt; some rings cannot handle this type of cleaning.
  • Dry the ring using a microfiber cloth.
  • After drying the ring, place it inside the jewelry box; however, make sure not place it inside a jewelry box with multiple replicas in it because it can cause discoloration and tarnish.
  • Keep the ring out from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the ring inside a closed container to avoid from getting dust and dirt.
  • Always check the ring for missing crystal pieces or broken parts; to avoid further damages on the ring.
  • Keep the ring from getting into contact with lotion, perfume, or hairspray; most of these rings are sensitive to those types of chemicals, which is why you should never clean your favorite replica NBA championship ring with any chemicals.
  • Never clean your replica rings with baking soda; this type of powder is too abrasive for these types of jewelry.

Cleaning the replica championship rings is not similar with cleaning and maintaining the real championship ring; while it is easy to keep and maintain the original ones, it is too challenging to keep the replica with their original form. However, if you want a reliable and durable championship ring that requires too much maintenance, why not try buying them at Big Game Rings? It is a reliable and trusted online shopping site for replica championship ring that can offer you these spot on Miami Heat replica rings.

So, if you are having problems keeping your replica championship rings for the next five to ten years, remember to read reliable tips, like this, in maintaining a collectible item ring.