Ideas to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

In the current state of the environment and the danger of global warming, each one of us has a responsibility to ensure we minimize our energy use and begin living an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Each act geared towards saving energy is appreciated. Even simply taking time to consider a box fan instead of using the air conditioning on full blast all day and night goes a long way. In fact, there is a really good review of the top box fans available which will help you take steps to improve our environment!

Here are five ways you can make your home more environmentally friendly:

1. Unplug and switch off

It only takes a second to unplug unused appliances, devices and turn off lights in the room upon exiting. These simple tasks are often overlooked, but have an environmental effect. Simply reminding yourself to unplug and switch off will go a long way in saving energy.

2. Set the thermostat reasonably

It is tempting to set your thermostat on high heat or coolness depending on the season because it is comfortable, but each degree increased on the thermostat means higher energy consumption. Setting the thermostat on neutral temperatures will greatly reduce the energy use and bill! Making this sacrifice for the environment will go a long way.

Simply choosing to lower the thermostat in the winter and wearing heavier clothes and shoes in the house is a great step to making your home more environmentally friendly. In the summer, using natural ventilation techniques and alternative cooling devices instead of turning the air conditioner on high is a great environmentally conscious choice!

3. Consider solar panels

Today there are various alternative energy sources available in the market. Solar power is one great alternative to the typical electricity and gas powering. Solar power can be used to power the house, for lighting, water heating and many other things. This alternative form of energy is great, versatile and easy to access because it is powered by the sun. Installing solar panels in the house for things like heating and lighting will make major strides in conserving energy and your pockets and the environment will thank you!

4. Install box fans

Instead of relying entirely on air conditioning, buying box fans or any other type of portable fan to use in the rooms is a great energy conserving choice. These fans are ideal for use at home and will cool the room just as well as air conditioning would minus the hundreds of dollars in bills.

5. Use cooler water for washing clothes

If you have a washing machine, you should know that most of the energy used in washing is used in heating the water on hot/warm water cycles. Therefore, washing clothes with cooler water will actually save on a lot of energy in the long run.

If you feel like going the extra mile, you can even choose to hang and air dry your clothes occasionally to cut down on the use of the drier which uses quite a bit of energy to dry.

There are hundreds of ways we can be more environmentally conscious in our day to day lives, making small sacrifices will go a long way in reducing our energy use. These small sacrifices we can each make will eventually be the saving grace we experience as a global community.

Do it for the environment and your pockets will rejoice as well! It’s a win-win situation.