How Do I Know if I Need a Dehumidifier?

Getting yourself a dehumidifier can bring seamless benefits or it can be a total waste of your finances if you do not get the right one. You may be facing terrible atmospheric conditions in your place of residence yet the main problem is excess moisture in the atmosphere and all that is required is using a dehumidifier. It is important to research and determine if having a dehumidifier is really necessary. This article will give you more information about environmental factors that make the use of dehumidifier necessary in your home.

Check your humidity levels

Most experts have claimed that comfortable humidity levels for a house is about 45-50%. This fact should help you determine whether to purchase a dehumidifier or not. If your moisture levels exceed 45% in the atmosphere, you may consider installing a dehumidifier that will help reduce the amount of water vapor in your room. You can have a hygrometer to measure the amount of humidity in the air.


The type of ventilation in your house will help determine whether you require a dehumidifier or not. Rooms which are very humid such as the kitchen area and the bathrooms should be well ventilated to reduce the moisture content that accumulates in the rooms. You probably know that there are some rooms such as the basements or crawl spaces do have ventilations and yet they are very humid. In such cases, you definitely have to use a dehumidifier to help regulate humidity levels when they are so high.

Mold and damp growth

It is time to get a dehumidifier in your house immediately when you notice that mold has begun to grow in some part of your house. High levels of humidity is among the major factors that leads to the growth of mold. It is important to find out the cause of dampness to avoid continuous increase in moisture levels in your house. If it is a pipe that was leaking you can seal the leak point or if it was some stagnant water, drain the water and appropriately cover all water containers.


Dehumidifiers are very essential for people live in highly humid areas such as close to water bodies and close to forests. The climate of some places may be misty, fogy or excessively rainy.  These conditions will also increase humidity levels in the air hence you will need a dehumidifier to help get rid of the water content in the air. You should get the appropriate dehumidifier depending on your situation. Apart from regulating humidity levels in a room, your choice of dehumidifier should have an added advantage of getting rid of dust particles and allergens in the air.

Apart from reducing the amount of water vapor in the air, dehumidifiers come with a lot of extra benefits. They help protect building walls, house furniture and roofs from being damaged by water elements present in the atmosphere. These benefits make a dehumidifier an important and worthy investment for you to help protect your house and protect people from breathing in unclean air that causes sicknesses.