Hedgehog Care: Tips on How to Choose the Right Cage for your Hedgehog

Hedgehogs do not grow big like most of the rabbits you can find in pet shops or the wild; thus, choosing a cage or home for these small creatures isn’t something that you can do randomly.

To help you choose the perfect hedgehog cage, here are some useful tips on how to choose the right cage for your pet hedgehog.


Tip #1:  Do not buy a small hedgehog cage or house

Like hamsters, hedgehogs are active little creatures, and buying a small house is disadvantageous to them. As per animal rights, the hamsters, hedgehogs, and animals of the same sizes should have a cage with at least four-square feet in size.

Or to provide a comfortable home for a small but very active hedgehog, you can consider buying a larger cage where they can run and hide in larger spaces.

Tip #2: It should be well-ventilated

One of the basic requirements of a cage is it should be well-ventilated.

Choose a cage that promotes proper air circulation; this prevents the accumulation of moisture inside the cage, causing bad odor that may lead to suffocating your pet hedgehog to death. So, when you are looking for a hedgehog cage, make sure to choose a well-ventilated one.

Tip #3: It should be safe

As mentioned, hedgehogs are active little creatures; they play most of their waking hours, especially at night. So, if you are going to buy a hedgehog cage today, make sure to choose a cage with secured edges that they won’t fall to the floor just anytime they run and play.

Also, hedgehogs have tiny legs and poky fur that can get stuck to the floor. This is also, one of the reasons why, you should never choose a cage with a netted or wired floor; instead, look for a cage with a solid floor.

Additionally, look for a cage with small openings that they can’t get out easily, as well as, for their safety against your bigger pets.

Tip #4: Look for a cage that is easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning your pet’s cage or home is one of the most important tasks as a pet owner; however, it is also one of the most tiring things to do when maintaining your pet’s optimal health. So, before picking any hedgehog cage, make sure that it is structurally easy to clean and maintain, especially when your pet is sensitive to an unhygienic environment that can put their health at risk.

Since it is not easy to clean cages like those of hedgehogs’ and hamsters’, here is quick cleaning tips that you should take note, especially if it is your first time having a hedgehog as a pet:

  • Start dumping some trash found inside the cage;
  • Remove the accessories inside the cage;
  • Fill-in a utility sink with hot water that is mixed with detergent;
  • Place the cage inside the sink;
  • Let everything sink in for at least 8-10 minutes before scrubbing the cage;
  • Carefully scrub the cage with sponge and pan brushes to avoid scratches on the cage;
  • Rinse it with water;
  • Dry the cage;
  • And put the accessories back in places inside the cage (make sure it is the same place as before because hedgehogs hate changes).

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