Hand Blender User Guide

Hand blenders are at times called immersion blenders. They are quite helpful in the kitchen while making soups, purees, single drinks, as well as juices and where small chores need to be done, where one uses the smaller blenders. Its sharp blades and powerful motor are quite effective while you use and can smoothen what you need in just seconds. It’s quite useful as you try to liquify vegetables, take out lamps of gravy and make smoothies.

Here are the basic instructions on how to use a hand blender?


Once you buy a blender the packaging includes an instruction manual which will guide you while you assemble it. Most blender hand blenders are as simple as just the upper part and the lower part which are simply snapped or screwed together. The blender may use direct electricity plug or just batteries. Before you use it if its battery operated you need to fully charge the battery. After you have keenly followed the instruction manual you may now enjoy the blender’s work at your convenience.

2.Extra check

As this is an electrical appliance in your house or workplace be wise and have an extra check on the manual just to be sure that you have assembled it right. This helps you correct any mistake that you have made as you want to enjoy the blenders work and maximize on its usage life. You do not want faults on the first day and complain of how you wasted your money on it.

3.Blend your choice

Put your choice of blend be it vegetables, fruits or other ingredients into the blenders tall glass and this should be in a measure of two thirds full. This makes it easy for you as you blend as you will have no spills. Now you can take your blender and immerse it inside the glass all the way to the bottom. This helps you have a consistent blend as all the lighter stuff will float and the heavier will sink to also get a touch of the blend. Turn on the blender and start with a slow speed on your power speed as you progress. When you are sure that you have a consistent blend you can now shut it down, take the blender out and stir the blender. If you are not pleased with the consistency as it may be too thick you can blend once again. While blending ice always crush the junks as a hand blender may not be able to blend them.


Your hand blender should always be kept clean for its next use. First clean the blender glass as soon as you are done blending as you do not want to contaminate your next blend. Wash it with soap and hot water. As for the blender itself as this is an electrical appliance you do not want water inside the motor as this will make it faulty. The blender blades are what you need to wash and make sure that you are doing this while the blender is off.