Great Value, High Quality Amplifier

Musicians know how good musical equipment can improve their work and overall playing experience. For seasoned guitar players and beginners alike, having a durable and a good quality amplifier is one of the important things that makes good quality music. There are many amplifiers out there with different brands, and choosing the right amplifier can be quite tricky. Some people might say that the more expensive an amplifier is the better quality of music it makes. High tier amplifiers may prove to be ahead of other amplifiers as they would come with more features. Although this is true, being expensive does not always mean better. There are amplifiers out there that are just under $500 dollars that can compete against higher tier amplifiers in terms of quality, and one of them is the Marshall MG101CFX.


Marshall is a well-known name in the music industry for making high quality audio devices. The Marshall MG101CFX is maybe the best tube amp under $500. Whether it is for someone who is just starting to play, or for experienced musicians looking for a new amplifier, the Marshall MG101CFX is a good choice.


The Marshall MG101CFX packs a powerful 100 Watts output. It has a 1 x 12 combo that is great for larger gigs, and also for silent practices. You can also use this inside the bedroom without worrying about disturbing other people in the house or neighbours. It has great features such as 4 programmable channels, a line input for mp3 players, headphone output (for silent jams and practices), and 3 digital effects (reverb, delay, and octave). Considering its price, the Marshall MG101CFX has a lot more to offer.

The Marshall MG101CFX digital reverb can be switched from either Spring or Studio. These built-in high quality reverb emulations are something that is new to the Marshall MG101CFX. The delay effect can be set with a tap tempo button; for an easy delay time setup. It comes with a separate control that enables it to be combined with modulation effects.

Speaking of modulation, along with the digital flanger, chorus, and phaser, the Marshall MG101CFX has an octaver option; this allows adding an octave lower to the main guitar signal. The Marshall MG101CFX has a jack for mp3 players and other media devices and an output for emulated headphone.

The Marshall MG101CFX has a dimension of 23.2 inches x 20.7 x 11.1 inches. The amplifier weighs about 20 kilograms. It’s not the lightest amplifier out there, but its size along with its weight makes it a portable amplifier that packs a lot of power. Its outer design is made from durable carbon fiber that makes it look stylish.

The Marshall MG101CFX is an excellent amplifier for beginners and experienced players. It is versatile, high quality, affordable, and packed with many features.

In sum, these are the advantages of this under a $500 amplifier:

  • Makes excellent quality and clean sound.
  • Stylish and durable design.
  • Very easy to use, making it great for beginners.
  • Very clear analogue tones.
  • Many digital effects to try out.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Great price considering the features.