Foot Calluses: The Best Ways to Get Rid of It

Foot calluses are one of those annoying skin conditions that can be painful too. These are usually characterized by hard, thick patch of skin, skin bumps, and even dry and flaky skin. Typically, it develops on the soles of your feet. Since the skin tries to protect itself from the painful pressure and friction, the bottom skin of the feet starts to harden and thicken.

Here are the common causes of calluses:

•    Repeated activities that put pressure on the foot – either walking or running barefooted.
•    Weight is one of the major factors of foot calluses where there is uneven weight distribution.
•    Improper fitting of shoes.
•    Dry skin.
•    Aging; where the natural fatty padding of the feet has declined.
•    Abnormal build-up of callus tissue.

Unfortunately, like many skin conditions of the feet, calluses are not easy to treat just by visiting foot spa once in a while or scrubbing the bottom of your feet when you feel like it. Plus, you can never avoid acquiring them, especially when there are unavoidable activities that can cause foot calluses.

However, there are ways on how to lower the chance of getting one and how to treat them effectively and here is how:

How to Remove Calluses

  1.    At home, why don’t you try to soak your feet?

One of the easiest ways to get rid of your calluses is to soften it through soaking your feet with warm water that is mixed with a mild soap foot bath on a regular basis. Then, do not forget to rub your feet with a moisturizer or petroleum jelly.

  1.    Take time to remove calluses with a foot file or stone pumice

Make it a habit to remove the excess dead skin on your foot, especially the bottom part with calluses, every bath time. Do not use “not having enough time” as an excuse; make it as a part of your daily bathing routine.

  1.    Use the right cream for foot calluses

One of the best and easy ways to remove the calluses or prevent it from building-up is through foot cream for calluses. To check the legit foot cream for calluses, you may check it out here: .

  1.    Talk to a podiatrist (foot doctor)

Do not hesitate to consult a doctor, specifically those that specializes in podiatry. They know everything about how to deal with it and how to prevent it from developing.

How to prevent foot calluses

Prevention is better than cure; so, to avoid acquiring foot calluses, here are some simple tips that you may try to use for a couple of months and see the difference:

•    Always wear the right protective foot gear
•    Always wear comfortable shoes
•    As much as possible, try to avoid wearing heels
•    Do not forget to replace your shoes when it is already uncomfortable and already worn out
•    Make sure to wear the right socks that will protect your feet from too much pressure and friction

Obtaining foot calluses is possible; however, you can always outturn everything by using the right socks, shoes, foot care, and more.