Find Out Everything About Thrombocytopenia

Have you ever heard of thrombocytopenia? Do you know what this condition is, what causes it and how it can affect you? Unfortunately, thrombocytopenia has become increasingly common in the last few years and it is a condition that appears when the platelet count in your blood is too low, lower than 150,000 per blood drop. While this shouldn’t necessarily be a big problem, as the platelet count can get back to normal levels by itself, there are rare cases in which the condition is so severe that it can put your life at risk. So, what is it that causes thrombocytopenia? What is it that leads to this condition? Well, there are numerous causes but we will only mention some of the most common ones.

  • Thrombocytopenia sometimes runs in the family
  • It can appear due to viruses and severe infections in the body, such as chickenpox, HIV
  • It can appear as result of bacteria in your digestive system
  • As result of a treatment for another condition or disease, medications that have side effects; it commonly appears after chemotherapy
  • It appears in 5% of pregnant women. However, the level of platelets gets back to normal by itself once the baby is born.

As you can see, there are numerous causes of thrombocytopenia. Regardless of what the cause behind your condition it, one thing is certain: you need to get it treated as fast as possible. If you don’t do something about the condition as soon as you are diagnosed with it, then you should expect to experience severe symptoms, such as prolonged bleeding from cuts, nose bleeds, gum bleeds, enlarged spleen, excessive bruising and fatigue. You should check out this page and find out more about all the symptoms associated with thrombocytopenia as you will understand that this is the type of condition that you should not ignore.