Everything There Is to Know About Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Installing exhaust fans in the bathroom is a very important thing to be considered by both residential and commercial property owners. That is because they are items that help eliminate or control moisture and odor inside the area. Thus, the occurrence of mold, mildew, and other impurities can also be prevented. Such will now result to a healthier and safer bathroom and property as a whole. However, when purchasing an exhaust fan for a bathroom, people should consider the fact that there are different types of bathroom exhaust fans.

Types of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

  • Ceiling-Mounted Exhaust Fan

As can be denoted by the name, this type of exhaust fan is the one that is designed to place under the bathroom ceiling. Generally speaking, the air from the inside of the bathroom is expelled through an upward sucking option. Likewise, a hole is made on the ceiling wherein the product will be installed.

Most of the time, ceiling-mounted exhaust fans are connected to a duct system that is connected to the properties ventilation system. Such is where the air from the bathroom is being expelled. At times, the air directly exits to the roof of the property.

  • Wall-Mounted Exhaust Fan

Obviously, this type is installed in a hole that is created on the wall. As opposed to the first type, this type sucks air sideways. What is better is that this type does not necessarily require the user to make a hole in the wall. That is because it can be installed in the bathroom window. In addition, it also does not need any types of ducting systems.

  • Combination Exhaust Fan

This is the type wherein an additional feature is included. The most common one is an exhaust fan that has a light source included. Some which have more advanced features include a thermostat that can change the temperature of the hair that is coming inside the bathroom. Thus, they may be installed under the ceiling or on the wall or window depending on the added feature.

Choosing the Right Location for the Exhaust Fan

According to some experts, the best location of an exhaust fan in the bathroom will be in the area wherein the amount of moisture exposure will be the highest. Since it is an electrical product, it should also not be located in an area wherein there is a danger of it being wet. In addition, the bathroom should also be carefully evaluated in order to determine what type of exhaust fan can be properly and safely installed in it.


Installing a bathroom exhaust fan is a necessity that people should consider. Although bathroom windows are capable of reducing the amount of moisture inside, as well as allowing entry of fresh air, exhaust fans are far more powerful in performing such functions. Nevertheless, when installing one, people should make sure that they choose the type that will work best for their bathrooms based on electrical source and area size. For people who are interested, click here for more info.