Different Types of Scuba Diving Computers

There are different types of scuba diving computers available in the market. You have the option to choose according to your respective needs. The market is also doing good to give a variety of diving computer equipment with modern features at different prices. You can now go for what suits you well from the two main types of dive computers.

Which are the two main types of dive computers?

Wrist mounted computers

This is the most liked device as it is easy to wear and use when you do a comparison with the others. It looks just like a regular wrist watch but with a mini computer on it. It has all the features that you can find in the other computer dives. It uses a wireless technology to examine the consumption of air and the remaining pressure in the tank.

It has a good style that makes it easier for the divers to look at the screen of the computer. You can view the screen no matter the depth at which you are in the deep sea. You will find them convenient while using them.

The negative side they have

They are very small in size making it difficult to view the screen of the computer. They can easily get lost as you are having your diving spree activities. They are not connected to your dive equipment directly. You can use them as depth gauge and timer during your free diving due to not being attached to your equipment.

Console dive computer

It has a dive computer, pressure gauge and a compass inside of them. You can connect it using a regulator with a hose directly. It has large displays feature making it easier for you to read your screen. You will not find an air integrated on every console dive computer. You will also have to connect it to your tank directly using a hose if you need to find the pressure readings.

Why is it necessary for you to use dive computers?

They are the best to use during a typical recreational dive. They offer you with safety while you dive and bounce back at different depths. The bouncing enables you to look at various corral and fish in the sea so you are sure of your safety.

A recreational diver will need dive computers more than the dive tables. Dive tables are best used by navy diver who needs calculation done on nitrogen levels left. They will also stay beneath the water for long so they will need a dive table to determine how long they can stay under water.

Dive computers are simply attached to your wrist and you can easily use to determine how long you have been under the water.  As a recreational diver you need to check it out as it allows the profile user to calculate the risk factors while still under water.


A scuba diving computer is very necessary while you plan to take diving activities. It helps you keep records of your diving activities and gives you a surety on your security.  Thou both types of dive computers have their own best part and difficult one, it is important to have a dive computer while diving.