Are one wheel can openers safe to use

One wheel can openers have become rare because many companies no longer manufacture them. However, this does not mean that you cannot get yourself in a situation where you will be required to use one. You may have one, or you may purchase one while shopping for you can openers. It is ideal that you know how to use them effectively.

How are safe one wheel can openers?

Are one wheel can openers safe to use? Well, they are not 100% safe. If you are not conversant enough with the openers, or if you use them carelessly, you may end up making a deep cut on yourself. You have to know how to use them. Do not gamble with them, lest you get deep cuts.

The blades of opener tend to slip, especially if they have not been crafted well, or if you are misusing it. A one wheel can opener has a very sharp blade. This sharp blade can be very dangerous to both adults and kids. They should never be left within reach of children, even if they are familiar with using it. All adults should be super careful while using the can openers, lest they get injured. Using the can opener with a shaky hand may result in injuries.

To prevent the constant slipping, some manufacturers accompany the blades with magnets. One wheel can opener with a blade is, therefore, safer than those without.

Read the steps I have discussed below to prevent occurrences of avoidable accidents while using a one can opener.

How to use one wheel can opener

1.Preparation and puncturing the lid stage

First, you have to clean the outside surface of your can. You should after that ensure that the blade is sharp. If not, you should sharpen it. Once you are ready with these two preparation steps, place your can on a stable and flat surface. Place the blade on the can, and exert enough pressure on the can’s upper surface. The pressure should be enough to make the blade puncture the upper surface of the can.

2.Removing the lid

Here, you are required to place the blade on the lid carefully. You can now start rotating the knob on the can opener. Continue turning the knob on the blade until the entire lid is scrapped off. At this stage, you have to be super careful because both the blade and the lid will be sharp.

Once you have successfully removed the lid, be sure to wash the can opener carefully. Take a keen interest in the joints and the blade. Stuck food and bacteria can be dangerous to your health. Ensure to keep it dry and clean, to prevent rusting, just in case the material is not stainless steel.

In conclusion, one wheel can opener can be dangerous if carelessly used. However, gone will be the days when you had to sustain injuries while using the one wheel. Go through the guidelines I have given above to have a safe time opening your can using your open wheel can openers.