Do soldiers wear ear protection

Individuals serving in the military are exposed to high-intensity noise especially in combat. In video games and movies we see characters emerging from huge explosions unharmed. Therefore most people are left to wonder, do soldiers wear ear protection?

Most veterans suffer hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Over the years the number of veterans suffering from hearing loss has continued to rise. Veterans who suffer hearing loss are compensated by the department of veteran affairs (VA). The increased compensation budget for hearing loss led to a critical look at ways of preventing hearing loss.

History of ear protection in the military

You will be amazed to discover that ear protection in the military is a recent invention. Over the years soldiers would go to war without ear protection. The battlefield requires one to be alert and be able to react to any advances from their enemies. We can conclude that the appropriate technology was not available to assist the soldiers to remain vigilant in the battlefield as well as shield them from deafening noise.

As recent as the Vietnam War and the Gulf war, US soldiers went to war without any protective gear for the ears. One might suspect negligence on the part of leaders in the military. Even recently in 2010. Some of the US soldiers would go to ballet without ear protection. Ear protection in the US army was implemented in 2014.

Effects of going to battle without ear protection

  • Temporary and permanent ear loss
  • Ruptured eardrums
  • Bleeding eardrums
  • Insomnia

Are military ear protection devices different from what civilians use?

Most people are aware of earplugs and earmuffs ear protection devices that are used by civilians. Ear protection devices used by the military are different.

In the last two decades, the US army has developed high-tech headsets to protect soldiers from hearing loss while in combat. These devices are referred to as TCAPS (Tactical Communication and Protective System). They were developed following a recommendation by the department of veterans that hearing loss and tinnitus were the most common service-related disabilities among veterans.

Soldiers in aviation need these devices to prevent hearing loss as a result of noise from helicopters and fighter jets. Those on the ground are exposed to various forms of noise from gunshots, explosions, to sounds emitted by the armored vehicles.

How military ear protectors work

These ear protectors are designed differently. They amplify ambient sounds while deafening sounds such as explosions and gunshots that can lead to hearing loss.

Military noise protectors work by filtering noise while the civilian ear protectors block all forms of noise. This technology is essential since a soldier in combat needs to be aware of their surroundings or else their enemies will kill them.

Apart from filtering noise, the TCAPS unit has additional features that are useful in combat. The protectors can be charged using solar power, conventional AC or vehicle batteries. They can also connect to other devices like radios, smartphones, or other communication devices. Thus these military ear protectors can be used by soldiers in combat to communicate with each other.


Though ear protection is a recent development in the military, they are critical in the prevention of hearing loss, communication, as well as improving the welfare of soldiers on the battlefield. Armies in different countries need to embrace these ear protectors to prevent hearing loss and promote the well-being of their soldiers.

Best water filter pitchers on the market right now

According to past laboratory tests and three weeks of real-world testing, we are convinced the10-cup Brita Everyday Pitcher, and the Brita Longlast Filter, both choices for this manual, create the very best water-purification combo for the majority of people. Here you are going to learn what some of the best water filter pitchers on the market are.

1. Brita Longlast Filter

The Brita Longlast Filter can handle 120 gallons of water three times longer than most equal filters. That lasts most households six months involving replacements rather than the usual two. The filter also simplifies a number of its rivals, together with certificates to eliminate ten contaminants, such as the 99-plus percentage of direct (most opponents do not have a direct license) and five so-called “emerging contaminants,” one of them pharmaceuticals which have started to enter the water distribution.

2. Brita Everyday Pitcher

The 10-cup Brita Everyday Pitcher is precisely what the majority of men and women imagine when they think about a water pitcher. This very affordable standard also occurs to use Brita’s Longlast Filter. Therefore our two selections are simple to match together. Functional and user-friendly, the Everyday includes a narrow, weatherproof footprint, in addition to a lift-off lid which provides broad accessibility into the top reservoir that provides for wide seamless surfaces which are simple to wash. In design details like looks and reliability, some competitions have a border over the Everyday, however together with all the Longlast setup, its filter functionality makes it outstanding.

3. Brita Grand Pitcher

The Grand will come with bright colors the only-white everyday lacks, but additionally, it has a disadvantage: The thumb-flip in its own “easy-fill lid” is equally slippery when wet–so readily occurs when you are filling the top tank–and put out of reach anyone who does not have large hands. It is inconvenient to use another side to open up the lid you want that other hands free to run the tap.

Reasons Why Running Is Still the Best Exercise

Many people go to the gym to improve their health and also be fitter. Some even join sports or other recreational activities that require a lot of physical movements. There are some people though who prefer yoga to get the benefits that exercising could give them. But, more people still choose to run because of the following reasons.

1st Reason: Running is convenient.

Unlike other ways of exercises, running does not require you a lot of equipment or gear just to be able to do it. You would only need your running shoes, shirt, and shorts. If you need to bring some gadgets, water bottle, or your wallet with you, you can just choose one of the best running belts to put everything you need. You won’t need to pay for expensive gear or equipment to run.

2nd Reason: You can do it anywhere.

The beauty about running is that it doesn’t choose a place. You can actually run around your neighborhood, at the park, or even run at the side of the road on your way home from work. Running does not require you to set up a designated area; you don’t need a gym or a court. Because you do not need heavy equipment, you can even run up and down your steps during rainy or snowy days. You can even use a treadmill indoors.

3rd Reason: Running gets you more vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a very important nutrient for growth and development of bones and muscles. It also improves our immune system and circulatory system. Unfortunately, more and more people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency because they are cooped up indoors most of the time. Running exposes you to the sun, which is the best and most available source of the vitamin, and lets you have the nutrient you need to stay healthier.

4th Reason: You can run any time.

Unlike going to a gym or a studio to workout, running does not have a closing time. You can go running even in the middle of the night if you choose to. There is no time restriction for this exercise. These days, many people tend to ignore their workout routine because most of the gyms are already closed when they get off from work. With running, you won’t have to worry about skipping exercises because of overtime.

5th Reason: Running is enjoyable.

Aside from the health benefits that running can give you, it could also provide you the luxury of having fun while doing it. You could choose to run in places where you could enjoy the view. You can also run with friends or your dog. You can join running clubs for you to meet people with the same interest and get more tips and advice from them. There are countless of running events that you could enjoy and socialize in. Marathons are becoming more and more about just having fun running with other people than just getting to the finish line first.


Homemade Solutions to Eliminate Molds at Home

Molds are one of the biggest problems of a home. Not only do they spread fast, they are also difficult to get rid of. They thrive in damp and warm places that do not get enough or any ventilation. Molds can grow under rugs or carpets, behind walls, on clothes that are stored in the cabinet for too long, even in surfaces that get wet very often just like the bathroom tiles and the kitchen sink. Getting rid of these molds can be tedious and also bothersome since some grow back if they are not cleaned off properly.

Most of the solutions sold in the market that is said to be effective can do the job. However, they are too strong and they can also be dangerous as they may release toxic fumes that are bad for the health. Many people ask, “is white mold dangerous? Are all kinds of molds harmful?” Molds are toxic and can cause allergic reactions and different respiratory problems when they are ignored. If you are one of those looking for alternative solutions that you can make at home, try to use any of these homemade mixes.

Soap and Water

Using soap and water is still the safest and easiest ways to clean off molds. This solution is effective if the infestation is still in its first stages. You can just add some cleansing soap to water and use the solution to scrub surfaces. Make sure to wipe it dry afterward to prevent new molds from growing.


A lot of experts still use vinegar as it is safe and also very available. White vinegar or apple cider vinegar is usually used to remove and control the growth of most molds on certain surfaces. Just spray the area with the vinegar and wait for an hour. After that, wipe the area with water and let it completely dry. To get rid of the acidic smell of the vinegar, you can use the juice of the lemon, put it in a bowl and let it sit near the area.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This chemical is not as strong as the usual bleach that most products contain. But, it is effective in killing fungus, viruses and also bacteria. What you need to do is spray the infested area with a 3% hydrogen peroxide concentration and leave it to saturate for about ten minutes. Scrub the area after and wipe the surface to get rid of the residue. If you are working on delicate areas like fabric, you might want to be careful because it might damage the material.

Baking Soda

This ingredient is also as available as vinegar and also as safe. Add a small amount of the powder, about ¼ tablespoon, to water and mix it well until all the powder has been dissolved. Spray the area with the solution and scrub it to remove stains and mold. Afterwards, rinse it with clean water to remove the residue. Spray the area again and let it dry. Since the baking soda can absorb moisture, it can prevent new molds from growing and spreading.


Indulging on the Benefits of Green Smoothie Recipes

A smoothie is a shake made by blending a few green leafy vegetables with one or two fruits. The color and texture may look disgusting but it has a number of health benefits coming from the vegetables and fruits used. There are a number of creative ways to prepare it. When consumed, the benefits of green smoothie recipes are more than what we get from taking multivitamin supplements.

Apart from carotenoids, flavonoids, and resveratrol, the other phytonutrients contained in green smoothie recipes are too many to list. A single serving alone has plenty of vitamins A, C, E, and K as well as mineral loads of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Many people are now realizing that it is the best way to provide the body with its daily requirement of vegetables and fruits. All you need apart from your veggies and fruits is to find out which is the best blender among the many sold today in stores.

Top Benefits of Green Smoothie Recipes

  • Smoothies are very nutritious. They have the right balance of nutrients ideal for human consumption. The ingredients are made up of 60 percent ripe organic fruits and 40 percent organic vegetables.
  • When all the ingredients are blended together, most of the nutrients are released from the ruptured cells of the vegetables and fruits. The mixture becomes one green smoothie that is easy to digest as it gets absorbed by the body.
  • Compared to juices, green smoothies are considered a complete food with all the fibers contained in them. Fiber helps the body in eliminating wastes.
  • With the 60:40 fruit and vegetable ratio, green smoothies are fruity flavored with a egetable zest that can be enjoyed by any individual. Many people are surprised about how nice the taste is.
  • Green smoothies provide the human body with chlorophyll, an important substance found in plants. A single molecule of chlorophyll resembles the human blood molecule. Consuming green smoothies can be likened to receiving healthy blood transfusion through all the greens contained in it. The body is nourished after assimilating all the beneficial nutrients in a cup or glass of green smoothies.
  • Preparing green smoothies is easier than extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. It only takes about five minutes to have the delicious and nutritious drink without the messy step of cleaning up after the process.
  • Green smoothies greatly reduce oils, salts, and sugar normally contained in human diet.
  • When consumed regularly, green smoothies help form the habit of eating vegetables. The taste buds get used to drinking green smoothies until they start to crave for vegetables already. This is a good and easy way of training people, especially children, to eat greens.
  • Green smoothies can be stored to last in the refrigerator for three days. Having cold, green smoothies is an instant thirst or hunger quencher for people on the go.

Green smoothies are a milkshake with a conscience, providing macro and micronutrients to the body. Most recipes are easy to make, but you can also prepare your own using your preferred vegetables and fruits, or add in other ingredients such as almond, yogurt, bran, and cereals. You can also try switching the ratio by gradually adding more vegetables. If you are one particular person who abhors vegetables, then this is the best way to infuse the body with the daily dose of greens without going through the ordeal of tasting bitterness. Becoming a certified smoothie aficionado means that indeed you are enjoying all the benefits of green smoothie recipes.

Learn About the Different Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

When talking about hemorrhoids, not everyone sticks around to listen because it is not life threatening. Yet, millions of individuals all over the world experience this health complication. Being a common cause of discomfort, it makes understanding the causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids essential.


According to clinical investigations, swollen veins in the rectum cause hemorrhoids. It is positioned inside the anus or near the opening. Most adults are the frequent sufferers of this condition.


Hemorrhoids ought to just come and go. It frequently progresses unnoticeably until the symptoms become palpably felt. Prolonged manifestation and unaddressed hemorrhoids can cause potential complications if not resolved, which is why it’s important to learn how to get rid of hemorrhoids.

You wouldn’t want to be in this conundrum because of the pain and discomfort, not to mention the higher risk of acquiring an infection. Hence, it is important to know the different symptoms of hemorrhoids first to get proper treatment.




One of the most prevalent symptoms of hemorrhoid is bleeding. Bloody stool (bright red) can either be from inside the body or caused by the bursting of the hemorrhoidal vein. Darker blood discharges are usually caused by problems in the digestive tract. Bleeding can be minimal to moderate in amount.




This occurs when there is inflammation in the vein in the anal area. Usually, external hemorrhoids trigger pain, although internal hemorrhoids can be painful when there is a large build-up in size. The pain is caused by blood clots in the veins. Pain can be minimal, moderate, or extreme depending on the location and amount of hemorrhoids present.




A person can experience discomfort due to the presence of hemorrhoids in the anus. There is an uncomfortable sensation of pain during passing of stool or just after having a bowel movement. The level of discomfort differs depending on how large the hemorrhoids are. Normally, the larger the hemorrhoids, the greater the discomfort you’ll experience.




Itching experienced after the passing of bowel is a sign of skin irritation caused by hemorrhoids.


Skin irritation


If the size of the hemorrhoids is quite large, there is an even higher risk for it to bulge from the anus and secrete mucus that can result to mild irritation of the skin around the anus area.




Incarceration of the hemorrhoids is a condition in which hemorrhoids extend beyond the anus and cannot be pushed back inside. It blocks the blood supply by squeezing the anal sphincter causing pressure that leads to inadequate blood supply. As a result, it can lead to gangrene. Gangrene is a medical term referring to the deterioration or death of the tissue in human body parts.


These common symptoms of hemorrhoids can make day-to-day activities harder and the quality of life lower. Therefore, it is vital to know the underlying causes of bleeding or pain felt in the anal area. Aside from the discomfort, this condition could lead to far worse complications, like cancer. Being informed of the different symptoms can help you find treatments to address hemorrhoids.

Foam Rollers- Main Uses

Foam rollers have gained an immense attention from the general public in the last few years. While they first appeared on the market as exercise devices used by therapists and professional athletes, these devices have now been discovered by the general public as well. So, how can foam rollers be used? Well, I think that you are going to adore the self-massage sessions that you can enjoy with the help of foam rollers. You can also use them for tight, sore areas in order to help the muscles relax and they are absolutely excellent for muscle recovery as well. We have already mentioned a few great ways in which foam rollers can be used and I know that you want to get more details on them. In which concerns self-massage sessions, foam rollers will help relieve the tension and the stress in your body. You can learn a lot of exercises in which you will role out sore area; this will have an excellent effect on breaking up the network of tissues that connect the muscles. The effect is an increased flexibility and you will know that you are more flexible as you will be able to perform a wider range of motion, movements that you weren’t normally able to perform. How does this sound like? Does it convince you to check out these rumbleroller reviews so that you can purchase one of the best rollers now available on the market? If you are not yet convinced of the fact that you should introduce foam rollers as self-massage devices to help you get rid of stress, then learn more about how to include them in your daily exercise routine. Yoga and Pilates have never been more fun and what is great is that it is thanks to foam rollers that you will develop increased strength and balance.

Why should you introduce foam rollers in your yoga exercises, for example? Yoga is about the power of transformation that comes from your inner part and if you introduce foam rollers in these exercises, you will receive an increased challenge but you will also learn how to put your balance at test even more than usual. You can imagine that this is going to have excellent effects on your body and that you are going to notice these effects.

If you are not yet convinced of the fact that you should introduce foam rollers in your daily exercise routine or as self-massage devices, you should know that trainers and healthcare professionals have long known about the benefits of foam rolling. Healthcare professionals use foam rollers regularly for physical therapy patients, as well as for elite professionals and the results are positive every single time. You can imagine that if foam rollers are valuable for physical therapy patients and for elite professionals, they are also going to be valuable for people who want to use massage in order to get rid of the daily stress or people who simply want to be in shape. These are the reasons why foam rolling deserves your attention.


Healthy Lifestyle Features

Weight loss isn’t as elusive as it’s made out to be, it’s actually pretty simple, there are certain steps if followed, will have you losing those extra pounds before you know it. I will be sharing that information with you today.  First, let me tell you what doesn’t work. Diets. Diets dontwork.  And the reason is because diets are, almost by definition, time-limited. People are on a diet, or they are dieting. In either case people are deliberately (consciously) restricting what they eat in order to lose weight. Unfortunately the body doesn’t understand that the conscious part of the mind is doing. Only we (the conscious being) do. As a result the body thinks it’s being starved and does what is necessary to compensate, which usually includes lowering of the metabolism. This is counterproductive when it comes to weight-loss, we want the metabolism to be higher, and we also want to avoid hunger (less temptation to eat junk).

Here’s how we do this:

Drink Water.

Water is the number one most important thing to address when it comes to losing weight, because water actually increases your body’s ability to metabolize fat. It may be inconvenient at first because you will have to pee more often, butthe reason that you are running to the bathroom is actually great; your body is finally letting go of all the old, toxic water that it’s been holding onto. Aftera few days or a week, the bathroom trips will slow down and your body will get into a great rhythm, which includes reduced appetite, more luminous complexion, and better muscle tone, as well as a more efficient metabolism.

Adopt Healthier Eating Habits.

No Dieting!  Eat healthier! A good nutritional intake consists of about 5 small meals per day, consisting of, from largest to smallest is;

Vegetables; High in fiber, low in calories and fills you up.

Whole grain; Lots of fiber, good for the system.

Protein; Beans, Meat, Dairy etc.

Fruit; Apple, orange, Mango, Strawberries etc.

Light Exercise.

You don’t have to go get a gym membership to do this. Running, jogging, Cycling even brisk walking for about 30 minutes per day will help you shed those pounds.

Business Lifestyle: Business Clothing Styles

Business Clothing Styles these are the most capacious styles, embracing lots of spheres of our daily life. Neither your status nor life style plays any role here. Business clothing styles are so diverse, that you’ll be able to use them for any occasion you need simply by choosing the most suitable and appropriate one. There are 3 main kinds of business clothing styles: formal business attire, semi-formal business attire, casual business attire for men and for women.

Formal Business Attire

Formal Business Attire the strictest and demanding of all business clothing styles, probably a bit dull at first look. In formal business attire there’s no place for expressing individuality. This kind of business clothing styles is used by the army of faceless men in black and gray suits and faceless strict women with huge suitcases. Formal Business Attire is an excellent choice for politics, legal and insurance organizations, banks, educational organizations. It is one of the best business clothing styles for religious organizations.

Formal business attire for men:

-white collar could be a must depending on the organizations requirements;

suit is a must: pants + jacket + tie (vest is also acceptable);

-monochromatic fabrics (preferably wool of different density);

-calm tones (preferably dark tones);

long sleeves for any season;

-pants should not be skinny;

classic leather shoes.