Best typed of floor jacks

Floor jacks are very important. However many people tend to ignore the crucial role they play in the maintenance of motor vehicles. As such, they assume that the devices are for car fanatics and mechanics. However, they are very wrong. Any car owner needs to have this essential tool. Imagine being stuck on the side of the rod due to a blown tire waiting for many hours of assistance. This is the time you wish that you had this tool. Having a jack is crucial even though you only use it during emergencies. Below are some of the recommendations which can assist you in choosing the best jack for your cars.

Torin Scissor Jack

It probably ranks as one of the Best typed of floor jacks. It is popular and has good reviews from many sites. What is more interesting is the fact that the jack is cheap making it affordable to a majority of the car owners. It is made up of durable material which enables it to last for a long time. The jack can handle a capacity of around 1.5 tons. Moreover, it can lift your vehicle for more than fifteen inches which makes it ideal for your maintenance works. When collapsed, it shrinks to around 3.7 inches which makes it easy to walk around with it.

Powerbuilt All-in-One Bottle Jack

If you have a large car, then this is the best jack for you. It is not bulky, yet it can lift around three tons. Its height range is approximately twenty-one inches. As such, you can comfortably go on with the maintenance work without having to squeeze yourself a lot underneath the car. If you have a truck, SUVs or other heavy vehicles you need to consider it.

Black Bull Electric Car Jack

It is a highly modified jack which eliminates the need for manual work. It is a suitable jack since you can efficiently operate it using a remote control. What you need is just to put it into the cigarette lighter in your car. Afterward, you can efficiently manage it using a remote control. Owners of smaller cars find it very convenient since it can lift around one ton. The maximum height it can handle is around fourteen inches. For teens, people with disability and mobility issues, this is the best jack to use. Moreover, if you do not like using a manual jack, you can consider this model.

Hi-Lift Jack

This is a powerful device suitable or off-road users and farm equipment. It can lift many tons and a height of around forty-eight inches. The jack is narrow enough to enable the user to place it underneath a huge truck. In addition to this, it comes with a lot of accessories meant to make the work of the user a bit easier. Since it is designed to be operated by off-road users, it has an off-road base which assists in maintaining stability on rugged terrain. It is a very reliable device which is not prone to a lot of breakdowns.