Budget-Friendly Best Seller Bass Guitars for Beginners this 2020

Bass guitars are different from acoustics. Though these two resemble the same, a bass guitar is a 6-stringed instrument, whereas an acoustic guitar has four strings. Moreover, a bass guitar is a whole octave lower in pitch. Hence, it produces lower sounds that are roughly 41 hertz. This instrument provides the texture and color in music.

The uniqueness of bass guitar is the reason why many are interested to learn this instrument. Likewise, when talking about stringed instruments, many would immediately go for an acoustic guitar or perhaps a violin. Only a few would choose a bass guitar.

If you want to learn how to play a bass guitar, the first thing you need to do is buy one, unless if you already have such an instrument at home. Choosing a bass guitar can get tricky and a bit confusing for a beginner. There are several factors to consider, such as the hardware aspect of the instrument, the quality of sound it produces, and the price. If you can’t decide which bass guitar to buy, check out what we think are the best bass guitar under $1000 this year.

#1 Schecter Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Guitar

First on the list is a 5-string bass guitar from Schecter Stiletto Studio. This aesthetically pleasing stringed instrument is one of the best options for beginners. It features a fantastic and durable build. Moreover,  it produces clear and rich sounds.

The body of the guitar came from mahogany and Bubinga. It has a multi-laminated neck with maple and walnut, which adds more beauty to the instrument. Additionally, it consists of 24 jumbo frets and offsets dot inlays. Also, included with this stringed instrument is a diamond custom bridge, Grover turners, and satin gold hardware.

#2 Epiphone Thunderbird Bass Guitar

If you are searching for an affordable classic electric bass guitar, there’s no need to look for more. Epiphone Thunderbird Classic 4-string electric bass guitar is one of the top selections this year.

This instrument features radical designs in first-class quality. The instrument’s body came from mahogany, and the neck is maple. The guitar’s body is durable and gorgeous. It is no wonder why many bass guitarists, both hobbyists and professionals, love this option.

The guitar features twenty medium jumbo frets and 1.50 inches nut. Also, along with the guitar, you’ll get Gibson TB+ humbuckers and vintage sunburst.

#3 Fender Standard Electric Bass Guitar

Some love playing bass guitar as a hobby. Meanwhile, others want to explore their talent and share it with people by going professional.

If you have plans of being a professional bass guitarist, consider this electric bass guitar from Fender Standard Precision. This instrument features the right qualities to help you practice to become a professional musician. Likewise, you can use this guitar for performances.

This guitar is popular for its contemporary features. It features twenty medium jumbo frets, and the body is made of rosewood and maple. Furthermore, it has a modern split single-coil precision bass pickup that allows you to produce clear and quality sounds.

So, which among the above options do you prefer?

If you need additional information about these bass guitars, check it out in this source.