Best Features of JL Audio RD-900/5

Did you notice that car amplifiers are classified in classes?

When you browse channel amplifiers, you would notice that each is identified as Class A/B or Class D. In fact when you go to a store, they would also ask you which car amplifier class you prefer. But the question, do you know the differences each of these classifications?

Car amplifiers are classified mainly into three classes. Channel amplifiers are identified either Class A, Class B or Class D.

Decades ago, Class A and Class B are two separate classes; however, today, these classes are combined in a single amplifier. Thus, what you will find are car amplifiers in Class A/B instead of having separate labels.

A Class A amplifier offers high-quality sound reproduction but has the least efficiency. It means that 80 percent of electrical current is wasted as heat. On the other hand, a Class A/B amplifier is a combination of two to compromise the inefficiency of the other amplifier. A Class A/B amplifier waste 65 percent of electrical current as heat.

Class D amplifiers are the most sought out in the market. This classification of car amplifier is more efficient and generates less heat compared to its counterpart. In a Class D amplifier, 90 percent efficiency is achieved and only 10 percent is wasted as heat.

One of the best Class D amplifiers in the market is the JL Audio RD-900/5. This 5 channel amplifier received a high rating and excellent feedback from customers as indicated in amplifier review sites like the Sound Certified.

The Sound Certified is one of the most trustworthy sources on the web where you can rely for help with choosing a 5-channel amplifier. They post up to date product reviews of the top choice car amplifiers in the market. Moreover, they provide buying guidelines for newbies in choosing car amplifiers.

The JL Audio RD-900/5 is one of the top choice available amplifiers today. This device is well-respected for having the most efficient system and best sounding amplifiers in the market. Aside from this feature, below are the things you can expect from this device.

1. Excellent Performance-The JL Audio is labeled as a legend in reliability and sonic quality. This device can produce power exceeding its rated specs. Thus, it can create wonderful sounds in various music dynamics without distorting the music.

2. NextD Switching Technology-This feature allows faster switching frequency to produce power quickly. This technology promotes better performance and response on speaker systems.

3. Adjustable Crossovers-A crossover is a device that directs the frequency to different drivers such as subwoofers, tweeters, and woofers. An adjustable crossover allows you to control the drivers the frequency that goes into it. This feature supports in the speakers in making clear high sounds and powerful low bass.

4. Subsonic Filter-Not all 5channel amp features a subsonic filter. This device filters the subsonic frequencies which very low can damage the subwoofers. Subsonic filters also prevent distortion in music and promote high-quality sounds.

The JL Audio RD-900 is an excellent investment. If you are interested to learn more about this device, check it out here at the Sound Certified.