Advantages of Choosing Leather Shoes

When you ask people on what type of material they prefer on a dress shoe, they would most likely say leather.

Leather is a popular choice when it comes to footwear. The material is highly recognized for its durability. A leather dress shoes made is said to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. No wonder, leather shoes are a favorite of many when it comes to formal and daily use footwear.

Aside from the material’s durability, using leather shoes has many advantages. If you are looking for quality dress shoes to invest this year, here are the reasons why you should consider handpicking a pair of leather shoes.

#1 Provides the Best Comfort

Leather shoes are breathable. The air can pass through the material allowing the feet to breathe and stay comfortable. And since it supports air circulation, the feet do not get sweaty. Also, this feature will stop your feet from smelling despite working all day long.

#2 Water-Resistant

The leather per se is not water-resistant. But it is the only type of material that you can use to treat with waxing and waterproofing compounds. When treated with these substances, leather shoes become 100% water-resistant footwear. The shoe will stay safe from damages due to exposure to moisture and rain.

#3 Durable

You already heard many times before the impressive strength of leather shoes. Genuine leather stays durable despite in demanding work environments. You can assure the shoes will last longer, compared to footwear made with synthetic materials.

#4 Extra Feet Protection

The leather alone will keep your feet safe and protected from hazards like hot liquids and falling objects. The material is strong enough to withstand impacts. Moreover, leather can protect your feet from accidents and injuries.

#5 Impressive Aesthetic Quality

Leather shoes are perfect for formal events. It also complements business and professional attire. The sleek surface of this material makes it ideal for such events. And, it becomes more handsome when polished and treated.

This type of footwear is not only for formal occasions. It is also the best choice for daily use.

What are the Drawbacks of Using Leather Shoes?

Most buyers have nothing much to complain about leather shoes. The only drawback of leather is caring and maintaining for it. You have to follow the right way of cleaning and taking care of leather shoes. You must remove dirt on its surface regularly. Also, it needs polishing and waterproofing. Likewise, there is a correct manner of removing stains in this type of footwear.

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More Thoughts

Is the pair of leather shoes the right one for you?

If not, there are other alternatives you might want to consider. And, if you are interested in purchasing this type of footwear, one of the best choices this year is Dockers Men’s Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford. You can find out more about this here at Comfortable Dress Shoes.