3 Good Reasons People Should Start Learning How to Play the Piano

Knowing how to play the piano is such a beautiful gift. It is not only a talent, but it also helps people get to express how they feel through the message of the music they play. But little do people know that aside from the expression of their talent and releasing their stress, there are other benefits they will get if they start to play the piano in such an early age.

Experts have been observing people who excel in music to get information regarding the changes in their behavior and learning capabilities. After their studies, the experts found out that there are actually many advantages people get when they start learning how to play the piano at such early age. The following are some really good reasons why people are encouraged to learn how to play the piano.

1. Stress Reliever

People sometimes listen to music based on how they feel. When they are happy, listening to happy or upbeat music seems like a pretty good idea and at the same time when they are stressed or feeling a little down, they listen to punk, or metal, or mellow music. The same thing happens when people play the piano. Playing the piano, choosing the piano piece and all can be such an effective way to relieve stress. People can express how they feel through the music they play.

2. Learning Abilities is Improved

There was a study conducted wherein experts found out that people who started to play the piano while they were still young had a significant improvement in their IQ; thus, also connecting to people’s learning abilities. When one plays the piano, he or she needs to carefully listen to each chord, know the difference between its sound for them to effectively play a piece. When people get used to this kind of system, it changes and shapes their brain significantly. Also, they need to remember what to press in order to play an entire piece. They’ll improve their learning abilities through familiarization of the keys and how each key sounds like. This has been linked also to great academic performance; that is why it is highly encouraged that children should start learning how to play the piano while they are still young.

3. Improved Social Skills

Like what was mentioned earlier, one thing people also learn when they play the piano is they improve their listening skills. When people do this, they get to comprehend easily what they hear, words, and sounds. This skill leads to them having an improved social skill because they get immediately the information people around them are trying to communicate to them. Aside from that, when people learn the piano, their instructors always give them lessons wherein they need to cope up with the sequencing of the keys or chords. According to experts, this is also connected to one’s improved reading skills.

From the study of the experts, there are actually so many good reasons why people are encouraged to play the piano. With these reasons, parents will surely be convinced to start letting their kids learn how to play the piano.